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To ensure the quality of the project, to provide customers with better service, competition for the intelligence to continuously improve their own technical level, continue to strengthen internal control management on the basis of hope to further expand and optimize the supplier partners. In order to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation, where qualified by the assessment of qualified suppliers, excellent suppliers in the game for all aspects of intelligent business can be given priority to be selected. Sincerely welcome the majority of partners concerned about the game, the choice of competition, the following is the network and telephone application:

The first step: download the "supplier cooperation application form" attachment download, "supplier qualification documents" attachment download.

Step 2: Refer to the instructions in the document to fill in the application form carefully and truthfully.

Step 3: Send the original application form of the stamp to the information collection person of the Company and send the supplier application form and the qualification document (the scanned document of the stamp) to the

Step 4: After receiving your application information, you will be recommended to the company's technical staff and procurement staff to make reference choices, if in doubt please call 0755-86169986 for consultation.

Supplier Complaint Tel: 0755-86169990

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